Wedding Photography In Paris ... by Camera & Kit

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The black and white of it …

getting married in Paris.

I provide multi-camera coverage in high-quality film and digital imagery by a duo or team of photographers that I lead depending on your wedding wants and needs.

I produce cinematic, graceful and inspired wedding imagery.  A little bohemian & whimsical to boot.  I only do different. I am for couples who celebrate individuality and authentic artistry & undeniable photographic talent.  Couples who understand the importance of wedding photographic art.

The price you see is what you pay. There are no sneaky hidden extras. I offer an inclusive French Wedding package. There are no additional travel fees and you do not have to pay extra for albums and boxes. Extra prints can be purchased from your online gallery. 

Interested in getting married in Paris, need an English speaking wedding photography, then get in touch!

  • Unlimted Hours Coverage on the day.

  • Photographs ready within 4 weeks.

  • Two photographers - of which one will always be me.

  • Travel Costs

  • An Engagement shoot

  • Images individually edited in my signature style.

  • Venue Walk Through

  • Onsite printing

  • Your own online gallery and print ready downloads for you, your friends, loved ones and family.

  • Unlimited personal print license

  • Fine art thank you cards featuring your favourite wedding photo.

  • A comprehensive planning process. Pre and post wedding catch ups.

  • A handmade photo-book/album + a photobox + 2 parent albums plus more!

  • 400 - 500 edited high resolution and web ready images on a USB

For all the Rock n Roll couples out there ... by Camera & Kit

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Rock n Roll, peoples!

We are super excited to be Rock n Roll bride vendors! An impressive feat given the lovely Kat Williams has an impeccable eye when it comes to photography. To celebrate our vendor status, we are offering a lovely range of benefits and discounts for Rock n Roll bridal peeps.

  1. To be eligible for the discounts and super cools extras the please do the following:

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  4. Take a photo of our new wedding photography advert in the print edition of Rock n Roll bride and then e-mail it to us at:

How simple is that?!

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask, we are here to help!

Tips for photoshoots in Paris by Camera & Kit

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Hello and welcome to Paris, the city of light and love

Bonjour et bienvenue à Paris, la ville de lumière et d'amour

So, you have decided to have a romantic photo-shoot for two or an empowering and confidence boosting shoot for one - what better city to do this in other than Paris, so here are a few tips for you that will make your shoot a little more magical …

  1. Bring a spare pair of walking shoes, comfortable flats are ideal - you'll need them in between shooting as we stroll and meander around the streets of Paris, I will always be able to carry your bits and bobs when needed. If it gets cold bring a jacket if need be.

  2. I suggest wearing block colours if you can and if you are going to be wearing a dress, then something with flowing movement rather than a fitted dress, it makes the photos appear more playful and whimsical. Wear something that suits you, a suit is nice for a man but if that is no you, wear something smart and not casual. Clothes in which you feel comfortable, attractive and more importantly, feel like you.

  3. When visiting Paris, I suggest you buy a carnet of metro tickets, I find them cheaper than getting a travel card, you can buy them in batches of 10.

  4. Walking is the easiest and the best way to get around as Paris is small and you can usually go from one location to another by foot. If the next shooting location is a bit of a stretch I suggest taking the metro. It is a great experience too and usually a good opportunity for candid pictures of you in the undergrounds of Paris.

  5. Pick the time of day carefully, either morning or later afternoon and also the time of year. Mornings are best because of the softness of the light and few people however late afternoon makes for some wonderful photographs as well. If you are hardcore and what the best light them I suggest sunrise or sunset but morning and late afternoon works for those of us who like not to be pressured whilst on holidays.

  6. If it rains, we can walk around it and reschedule if need be.

  7. When it comes to Paris we have an abundance of Locations to pick from, I really want to photograph you in the authentic Paris and I am keen to avoid visual clichés that comes with engagement photography in Paris. I really want this to be playful, relaxed and whimsical. Pretty and Playful. A loving couple. Equals. Partners in crime. Co-conspirators on an adventure through the streets of Paris.

Location Suggestions include:

  1. La filmotheque cinema in the Latin Quarter,

  2. The Luxemburg Gardens

  3. Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower view

  4. Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower

  5. Bir Hakeim bridge

  6. Alexandre III bridge

  7. The Louvre Museum

  8. The Tuileries Garden

  9. The “place de la Concorde”

  10. The Cathedral of Notre Dame area

  11. Petit Palais is the Paris Museum of Fine Arts

  12. Montmartre area / Sacré Coeur

  13. Palais-Royal

  14. The Hôtel de Ville

  15. Rue Bonaparte

  16. Rue des Martyrs

  17. Rue Crémieux

  18. Arc de Triomphe, you should also take pictures from ground level at Place Charles de Gaulle.

  19. Printemps Haussmann is a department store and from the rooftop terrace, you get fantastic views of the city in all directions.

What's in my camera bag? by Camera & Kit


or the bag I use

for my cameras …

What's in my camera bag? It may not be wise to take a peek in there, I'm known for rogue lens caps and random film canisters but in the spirit of learning and sharing, I'd thought I'd share with wedding photographers what is actually inside my camera bag, which may or may not be a good thing. So, if you are a little on the voyeuristic side or if you are a newbie to wedding photography, a wedding photographer just wanting advice, here is what is my camera bag:

1) Of course, I should say that I don't use a camera bag. I don't carry my kit in a bag that screams expensive camera gear. The main reason for this is security and safety, I don't want to look like I'm walking around with £10,000 worth of kit to and fro weddings. I invested in some foam blocks and turned an ordinary bag, sometimes I use vintage suitcases into a camera bag. It works a treat although strutting around with ice lights tends to give me away, but people just think its a light Lightsaber.

2) Business cards like it's 1999! This may sound obvious and a little old fashioned but its a must. I carry some in my pocket and the rest in my bag, and depending on the size and type of wedding, I have cards specifically printed with the wedding in mind that has a link to a gallery for them to buy photographic prints from.

3) To feed your photographer or not to feed your photographer, it's an ongoing debate and even though I request meals be provided, I do carry food. I get super hungry at weddings, and sometimes they forget to feed us. It's true and being hungry leads to tiredness which leads to you being off your game. I carry a combination of super healthy bars and well, some downright unhealthy sweets. I'm a sugar nut from way back. I also find those slim fast drinks helpful.

4) Deodorant and wet wipes, ideal for when photographing a wedding in summer, I learnt the hard way when I shot a wedding in the middle of summer in Lake Como and stupidly wore a fitted black dress.

5) Bottles of water, a refillable one for me and two mini bottles of water for the couple when doing couple shots.

6) Needle and thread and safety pins. You'd be surprised how many times you will hear the question, does anyone have a needle and thread, and don't forget the scissors. Tissues, for when peeps get emotional, I also carry a few tampons, plasters to help out wedding guests in need, trust me. It happens at times.

7) Battery charger and two spare fully charged batteries plus batteries for flashes and film cameras.

8) Three camera bodies with a collection of lenses and hoods to go with them, all prime lenses. 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 100mm plus filters, speed lights, with diffusers and I don't shoot with a tripod anymore nor do I use video lights but I do use ice lights. I honestly cannot remember the last time I used a tripod.

9) Lens cleaning kit, with camera raincoats just in case it rains, lens pens, a dust blower etc

10) A pouch for used memory cards, one for unused. I shoot with two memory card slots acting as a backup, so one goes in the bag, the other stays on me in a little clip bag on my belt.

11) Print outs of the wedding itinerary for the day, including key phone numbers; I do not rely solely on an electronic version just in case.

Phone and/or tablet charger.

12) A bit of cash stashed in away just in case I need it for emergencies.

Fifteen Tips for Destination Wedding Photographers .... by Camera & Kit


Helpful Hints & Tips

Fifteen Tips for Destination Wedding Photography

1) Take a spare pair of shoes, I learnt the hard way when photographing a wedding in the deserts of Egypt and my sandals broke in the sand so I was walking around barefoot until someone got me slippers from a hotel.

2) This may sound obvious but take the appropriate electrical currency converters for the country you are shooting in. For my first destination wedding, I was shooting in Lake Como and it took me ages to find a little shop that sold them.

3) When I travel I actually don't carry my kit in bags that look like camera bags, this is a security move on my part, especially if using public transport, taxis or transport means not provided by the couple.

4) Learn some of the languages if you are going to a non-English speaking country, not all the guests may speak English and it's a brilliant way to fit in. I'm not saying become fluent but greetings and a few photography terms help a lot.

5) Double your kit, yep. Seriously, especially so if you are travelling to destinations where you just can't nip out and pick something spare up.

6) Trust your second shooters, I mean seriously trust them. I once had to take five photographers to a lavish event abroad and was short a shooter, so I agreed to let her come not realising that her understanding of the basic principles of photography was woeful, by way of example, shooting below 1/60 secs which is why now I only travel with a trusted team.

7) Be prepared to catch taxis in some dubious places, carry print directions as well as on your phone/tablet. Getting taxis in Dubai can be a nightmare especially finding one that knows where you are going, is not going to rip you off and does not have an issue with sole women travellers.

8) Decide how you are going to charge your travel fee, for me, mine is included in the price and then I find travel/accommodation within that budget. I don't go fancy when I travel.

9) Arrive a couple of days in advance, this avoids any last minute freak out in case of flight delays and gives you plenty of time to scout locations and sort out charging kit just in case you ignored my advice in dot point tw

10) Be organised, yes! Have everything printed out in case of no coverage. Book your flights and accommodation as soon as you can, get a detailed plan of the day from the couple or wedding planners. You can never be too organised for an international wedding.

11) Get on the internet and research the destination, venue and other locations for photo opportunities, also weather conditions (pack plastic bags and little raincoats for your kit)

12) Don't work to rule. Seriously, don't. If you are booked for 8 hours don't finish right on 8 hours, I know this may be controversial to suggest but you are in an international destination, take all the opportunities you can get to photograph. When I book destination wedding photography I don't have a set number of hours, I also suggest when I am out there photo shoots for the following day or whilst we are doing a venue walk through. Destination wedding photographs pack more punch in your wedding photo portfolio so use all the time you can to capture those moments.

13) Double check your gear, and then check it again! Extra batteries, memory cards/film, card reader, backup cameras, etc. Also, if you shoot digital, bring an external hard drive to backup your cards before you travel home.

14) Hang out with the couple and guest prior and after the event, this makes for some wonderful candid photographs.

15) Be proud of yourself, take any mistakes you may make as lessons as learnings and move one. Remember to enjoy it, your surrounding and have faith in your abilities. You got this!

Ten things I love about destination wedding photography ... by Camera & Kit


Have Camera, Will Travel …

1) I get to travel, the ability to be able to combine my passions of travel with my love of photography is a gift and an incredible privilege. I'm also one of these people who love the whole process of travelling. I love packing, going to the airport, preparing my kit, collecting stamps in my passport, changing money. I'm insanely happy when I fly.

2) It's super amazing to be able to combine a holiday and work by tapping one an extra day or two for myself at the end of the event. I've discovered some fabulous cities through being invited by couples wanting me to photograph their weddings abroad. My first wedding abroad was in Lake Como, I stayed in Bellagio and I remember getting the ferry across the lake to start shooting like it was yesterday. A beautiful and stunning way to start a wedding day. An epic adventure of sorts.

3) It teaches who how to be super organised as a wedding photographer and implement risk management, and plan for any and all eventualities. I mean, you learn to plan for everything.

4) The wonderment of shooting in a different light that has different textures. Lighting in different countries has a different feel to it. The sand in the air shooting in the desert is different from the Tuscan sky which is different from the Californian Coast.

5) The excitement of planning shooting abroad. From the moment a deposit is paid, I go instantly into count done mode and start brainstorming creative ideas and researching not only the venue but the area, the culture, the people and places to shoot.

6) The absolute joy to see the smile on the faces of the couple when you meet them in the country where they are about to get married, it’s the moment you can see the trust on their faces and a plan coming together.

7) The count down makes me super excited all the time.

8) Arriving two days before the wedding because it gives you time to do a wedding venue walkthrough, opportunities for spontaneous or planned pre-wedding shoots, same for leaving two days after, gives you extra time for shooting.

9) Pushing myself creatively, it's a challenge and a thrill to produce stunning work in such beautiful locations. I enjoy the pressure of creating and shooting to a creative brief.

10) Food. I'm a sucker for foreign cuisines. Yep, it's one of the underrated perks of being a destination wedding photographer.

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